Location of the Symposium

Location of the conference

The Symposium will take place in Lleida Conference Centre “La Llotja”, located on the right side of the river Segre, close to La Mitjana park.

Av. de Tortosa, 6-8 – 25005 Lleida

The venue is located from a walkable distance from historic city center and Lleida main touristic attractions. La Llotja Conference Hall is also served by city busses.

The city

Lleida is the capital city of the Segrià region and of the province that takes its name. It is the most important population and economic inland centre in Catalonia. Its economy is based on the agri-food sector, as well as on all kinds of services.

Lleida is a friendly town in Catalonia, the north-east of Spain, located between Barcelona and Zaragoza. It is easy to find your way round Lleida since the population is around 140,000 inhabitants and its center and surroundings can be reached on foot. Agriculture is found just when leaving the town at only 5 minutes driving.

Lleida has the privilege of having important natural areas such as
  • La Mitjana nature park – an ecosystem of great natural and ecological value
  • The Riu Segre (river Segre) park and Camps Elisis,
  • The so-called Horta (irrigated area), the green belt that surrounds the city.


This natural legacy has made Lleida grow, considering environmental and quality values within the framework of a sustainable city.

It also has some relevant historical sites that account for the history of Catalunya and Spain. The venue where the conference will take place is one of them. During the conference, participants will be invited to visit el Turó de la Seu Vella, the monumental complex of the hill of la Seu Vella that oversees the city and el Segrià.

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